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A Summery Pancake

Pancakes are my son's favourite breakfast dish. Though the flavour of the moment is generally labelled as 'favourite' by him, giving him pancakes for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner is a surefire way to make him clear his plate. So, here's a 'child-friendly dish'.

To make the pancakes, you would need the following items:
Plain flour (maida) - 110 gms (sieved)
Egg - 2
Milk - 200 mls
Butter - a tablespoonful
Salt - a pinch
Sugar - a spoonful
Ghee, for cooking

For the filling, round up the following bits
berries, chopped - 1 cup (go for strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries - any or all, as you wish!)
banana - 1, chopped
maple syrup - as required
powdered sugar - as required

Now that you have the above mentioned things, you are ready to get started. To make the pancakes, all you'd need is a flat bottomed pan (a tawa) and a spatula.
First, crack the egg and beat it till it is well mixed. Next, comes the tricky bit, you might need to rope in your helper for this. Add the sieved floor to the beated egg slowly, all the while trickling in the milk. Keep the whole process slow and fluid so as to not get lumps in your batter.

Now, add the knob of soft butter, salt and sugar and stir everything in. The consistency of the batter should be that, it must be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon neatly. If it is too runny, add some maida. Too think, trickle in some more milk.
Your batter is now ready.
Heat the tawa, put a spot of ghee in the middle and give it a good shake.
Pour a ladleful of the pancake batter and coat the tawa with it by holding on the handle.
Let it cook a bit.
If you can, shake it loose and toss it. If you are apt to decorate the ceiling with it, coax it out with a wooden spatula and flip it over.
After a few more seconds, transfer the steaming pancake on to the plate.

Now is the most fun bit - your helper would love this. Plonk the fruits onto the middle portion of the pancake - go crazy and add however much you want. Once you are done, roll it up. Drizzle some maple syrup over it and finish by dusting some icing sugar over it.
Ta-da! Your pancake is now ready for your tastebuds.

Chef's tip: This is a good dish to make with your children. They can help beat the egg, trickle in the milk, fill the pancakes etc. As they helped you out so much in the creation of it, they would be more amenable to helping you in demolishing it as well!

Submitted for May's WBB#11 Summer Fruits as well as Trupti's Spring Fling 2007: Family & Friends in the kitchen.

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