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Grub's up!

The first time I entered the kitchen was when I was in VII standard (someone call Child Services!), when I used to cook the odd pot of rice when my mum was a bit late in coming home from work. This earned her the name of tyrant and child labourer. Though I made a fuss then, just to keep up appearances, I was slowly getting entranced by the world of cooking. My mum is a fab cook and the 'wah! wah!!'s she earned everytime we gave dinner parties made me want to learn to be an equally good, if not better cook. Thus, I started collecting recipes.

My maternal gran is the de-facto cook in her house and at 70, she still churns out amazing amount of grub for all and sundry. Come festival time and you can see her seated next to this huge kadai, making murukku, seedai and other assorted yummies. My mum being an Iyengar, I soon learnt to cook the iyengar cuisine well and that forms the basis of my cooking, to this day.

When I got married to a Telugu bloke, I decided to widen my repertoire by adding some Andhra recipes to it. Though these are a handful, I still make them now and again just to prove that I can make a mean baghara baingan. Nowadays though, I depend on great blogs like Mahanandi to show me the way.

When my palate widened to accommodate Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines, I decided to learn to collect recipes from all over the world and cook them myself. Being a staunch vegetarian, I figured if I didn't want to ingest any stray animal product and still wanted my fix of fajitas and enchilada, I better learn to make them myself.

There are some fantastic food bloggers out there and I hope, with me foraying into this 'genre', I can now become a member of that sisterhood too! Feel free to contact me with your comments, suggestions and/or corrections.

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